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Who Am I?

Updated: May 31, 2021

So yes...... this is me! I may not look like your average photographer but that's because I'm not I am different. For a lot of my life people confined me to certain boxed for one reason or another, but limitations or expectations on me due to pre conceived ideas, stereotypes or really just ignorance. For years I believed them and then I discovered photography. A way of creating expression from my unique viewpoint and something nobody could define or confine except myself. Since then I have been on a journey to develop my skills both technically and creatively enabling me to be the photographer I am today.

Fast forward to now I believe that there should be no limitations on creative expression and everyone should be able to experience things in their own way. This is the ethos i put into my practise. Each client is beautifully unique and special and what I create for them should be just as unique and one off and designed around them. For this reason my business does not run by set prices or set times or set anything. Talk to me tell me what you envisage. As I get to know you and those around you i will find a way to show this in your final images.

Kirsty Anne Photography is a truly bespoke service. Nothing is impossible if you can imagine it !

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